For Diplomats – Porsche Panamera 4S

When I learned that IMF Chief Strauss Kahn personal car was a black Porsche Panamera S, I couldn’t help to think of a more perfect car for quick getaways from hotel rooms to airports.

This premium class four door – four seat sports car is everything the rave.  Built for racetrack or parked at executive valet lots this 3.6L V6 is nothing less than for the flaunting playboy millionaire.  Leather seats holds all occupants safely with room to fill out important documents and signing using expensive pens.  The chauffeur would have full control with having trust worthy all wheel drive.  He could accelerate it from 0-60mph in less than 5.2 seconds to get away from pesky paparazzi who only have slow slug moving motor-scooters.

Unique is the Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) and VarioCam Plus to get this 16/24 mpg car all the way to 400 hp.

The French diplomat Chief Strauss Kahn almost made the clean getaway but should have bought the even faster Panamera Turbo that would clean Border and slipped away back to France.     I mean, he must of knew someone was chasing him by getting to listen to the news blotter on his uncompromising sound system by Burmester.

Now if would simply understand that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had bought himself a more important looking Panamera, rather than his 911 Turbo, he may have found himself free of similar and drove himself somewhere far.

4 responses to “For Diplomats – Porsche Panamera 4S

  1. Hah-hah-hah,

    i kind of laughed pretty hard on this one, i mean… you guys saying he ”should have” bought the turbo variant, that is so true, lol.
    And Arnold? ah well he is just one big joke when it comes to cars… that metal “Terminator” guy can tun twice as fast as any Panamara Turbo, I’ll bet 😉

    Anyway, I hope you guys would like to do some more blogs about GEMC Porsche’s in Second Life.

    • I have been working on getting some Second Life snapshots of the cars navigating in sims. Also, I have be getting more and more used to driving the car. I have been practicing using the GEMC Porsche in the last few times I’ve been in Second Life and surprisingly find some of the sims far more forgiving than other sims when in “Terra Motion”. All three cars are my favorite and all are quite beautiful. I’ll try to write a grand follow up blog on the subject. Ill be there, sooner than you think.

      As for fancy diplomats and Mr. Universe, at very least Arnold might try for a long road trip in his Turbo. It must have been a living “issue” kept that secret a pretty long ass time.

      • Hey hey!

        Good to hear you’re still arround in SL, i hope you and i can hang along togheter again, but besides that the project of our Porsche 996 has not yet been started qua sculpt/build work, but im already gathering information, if you got some good infomation regarding exterior paint(jobs), interior ”color” styles, eventualy rims and specific detail, please DO let us know! I think you guys can help us big-time with our upcomming Porsche products, aswel we’re always open and able to give your customers a little ”pre-view” how their car could look in Real life as you stated in an earlier blogpost.
        Its also good to see how you guys get along with social media, and makes me wish the Porsche dealerships and ”extended” Porsche bodyparts/repair garages would do things like this too in the Netherlands.

        Futheron, yeah i agree with the idea of Arnold and his Turbo, wel aslong he has joy, then it should be allright eh? 😉

        Greetings and hope to see/speak you soon again in SL!

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