What Are “Factory Trained / ASC Certifications”?

Mechanics need to know more than the basics to cars.  Having a “Factory Trained ASC Certification” gives them a Factory authorization to work on a specific car.  The adopted industry standard offers an across the board approved repair.

Automotive Service Excellence or known as ASC is a division of automotive training in automotive repair.  It is a National Institute that makes technicians become familiar with approved Factory tools, diagnostic equipment, safety, and other restoration specialties.  The institute is diverse, so expect it to cover trucks, boats, race cars, and even lawn mowers.

ASC rigorously devise a time standard and a labor rate to complete a repair project.  They also offer a framework to fully understand repair alternatives.  There are many variables between similar models, and there are many models offered by an automobile manufacturer.  The ASC offers advanced provisions that each technician practice multiple tasks as part of a repair process.  For example.. instead of repairing a brake, they become tested to replace, struts, shocks and boot covers as well.

All graduating mechanics leave with the knowledge to handle advanced jobs such as engine or transmission rebuild.  They become experts in advanced electronics plus become proficient on how to rack a car, diagnose, operate tools, fix cause in the shortest most accurate way.   The also learn to spot issues not on a repair order or identify other potential areas.  They get to learn new technologies including aftermarket parts and repair techniques.  The institute also provides detailed study guides that pinpoint solutions, thus forcing the student to memorize them.

The certification also goes to the garage that has its owner having this certification.  With the certification, the owner has demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt they have the capacity to tackle automotive repair tasks.    It also helps the owner hire other ASC Certificated students based on reputation and repair then becomes a function of mechanically solving problems.  Doing the repair based on a specific car manufacturer becomes a function of a specialty.


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