Solid information for Porsche 996 Owners

Porsche 996 The Essential Companion   – Adrian Streather (Author)

If you’re researching DIY projects, for your 996, Adrian Streather covers a number of important topics, in the book:  Porsche 996 The Essential Companion.  This book covers related Porsche 996 options, technology, mechanical and driving skills.  Popularly referred to as “The 996 Bible” you will descriptions about what, why and how Porsche used them.

“The best money you can spend “on” your Porsche 996.”

This book focuses on the technology that is in the car.   It also covers extensively covers projects like simple oil changes, removing and installing new spark plugs and remove and replace the serpentine belt.  The book details projects like water pump replacement, alternator, and clutch work.

It’s like a service manual, technical manual and historical review document rolled into one!



or Website:
We here at A. Bauer Repair will do full service on 996, engine, suspension, clutch and other repairs.  Though we encourage purchasing the 996 Bible by owners, we highly recommend that repairs be done by a trained professional.   You can seriously damage your car by making mistakes.   

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