Porsche Smart Phone Apps

COMDEX 1994, IBM unveiled what would be considered a crude but useful smart phone.   In front of thousands would be computer visionaries, programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and cell phone users they watched history change before their eyes.  The new mobile touchscreen phone boasted a world clock, note pad, email, address book, games and fax.   There was even an optional stylus that allowed users to create memos.

Most recently, even Porsche Design Group got into the action and developed a very handsome smart phone.  Their phone gives other smart phone companies a true run for the money offering sleek designs, better user interfaces, highly intelligent crash free software/firmware. The strongest feature of the designs is simply look better.

Today, we don’t even flinch when our phones have cameras with zoom ability and full GPS capabilities.   Programmers can self prepare though the uses of a developers package special purpose programs specific to special needs.  One of very first programs created, an application that helped DUI get around police checkpoints, was agreed to be universally banned.

The next group of applications became specific to the various car manufactures.  Audi, Mercedes and even Porsche had many programmers that started developing very cool and useful programs.

Porsche Club of America PCAKeeping track with events and meeting places without having to lug your laptop with you, or being able to pull up the more important waiver documentation has to be key.

Have images of your events, and directly be able to import images directly into PCA databases for others to share.

For group drives, they might later show useful to have tour indicators showing where are other drivers.   If nothing else, they could keep your navigator extra busy while you can drive.

Porsche gForce:

The gForce app logs past drives and reports information to Facebook should you wish to share you place.  If you drive 911 GT3 R, it will link to the Intelligent Performance principles to your car.  It measures mpg plus distances covered.   You can get readouts in metric should you be in Europe or Canada.    This application is very useful to mile check against your own gauges and lets you know what G-forces you are placing on you and your riders.   I would highly recommend that you invest in bracket that holds the device in one steady place, calibrated and then started.  It might also be one of those applications that you might want to keep charged up, with screen saver set to OFF.   It will archive top speed and highest g-force attained.

Porsche Archive:

See a Porsche model that you wondered about?    More often than not you are curious enough to wonder about database information about horsepower, size, type of wheels, options, engine size, horsepower and torque output.  It might be you are purchasing car and wanted to know how it left the factory using a VIN Decoder.   If you go to meetings, you have on your phone just about everything you need to make very intelligent remarks about Porsche and how many produced, when, colors, interior specs.  You will be able to spot both good and bad restoration choices.

Porsche Panamera App: 

I heard the Panamera is a BLAST to drive.  Unless you are a dealership, it is one of the least known Porsche models out there.   This application fully covers everything about the car including a very magazine that gets monthly updates.   This application is well-organized and useful.   Within the application there is also lots of neat photographs and videos on the car.   Perfect for enthusiast that are in the backseat.

Porsche Picture It: Porsche jumped into the application scene by offering a very rich content application that lets you schedule test drives right from your iPhone.  This application covers the Boxster, 911, Cayenne and Cayman complete with photographs, videos, and more in the line up.   The information covers about the same material found on brochures, but helps you as a consumer to better know the product before going into the showroom.

PorscheBuyersGuide: Porsche Buyers Guide helps buyers get through processes helping you decide costs of options, shipping and delivery.  It also will help you get information about down payments, lease options, loan calculations, and even expected gas mileage.  Should you need to compare your new 911 against other manufactures like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar and even Toyota, it will.  One of the pluses of this ap, it is written by the same guy that wrote and programmed PorscheArchive App, Jeff Maynard.

Games, repair applications, parts applications, vendor applications all will also be useful to the Porsche owner.  Whether you have a Porsche, drive or sell a Porsche, having easily accessible information makes for a better experience.


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    • Smart Phones seems to be one of the handiest tools for a driver on the road. Unfortunately, they also seem to be the most dangerous while driving. Suggest always to never use an application on an iPhone or simply give it to your navigator and have them chew it away. Be sure to carry with your the appropriate smart phone charger.

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