Bosch, the other name in Porsche

One of the most complex part of your Porsche is the electronic management system.  It is soulfully responsible from everything relay power from power windows to starting your car.  It is also part of your car that gives you infamous warning lights and error messages.  For a mechanic, it is the place where auto diagnostics can take place by plugging into your car and get readout messages.   Bosche for years provided many parts to car including spark plugs, distributor caps, starters, components that handled voltage regulation and spark plug wiring.

Bosche even made wipers, filters, Oxygen sensors, water pumps, alternators and fuel injections.  Their corporate association is huge, they also offer home appliances, scientific instruments, power tools and even water heater.

In the words of Nobel Prize winner Robert E. Lucas, Jr., “For the first time in history, the living standards of the masses of ordinary people have begun to undergo sustained growth. … Nothing remotely like this economic behavior has happened before.”

Spanning over 200 years after 1800, the industrial revolution included a variety of inventions which advent electrical and steam power at an alarming rate.    There was key division line between 1800 to 1850 and 1851 to 1910 separating what was defined as the “FIRST and SECOND” Industrial Revolutions.  The significant different between the two was the advent of masses taking advantages of the inventions.    One of key inventors in the 2nd Industrial Revolution was Robert Bosch of Stuttgart, Germany.   In 1886 he was the significant catalyst that could foresee the needs for electrical parts on a wide scale.    More importantly, as the years moved forward he found himself in the center of practically every single automotive manufacturer on the face of the earth.   Robert Bosch invented the first magneto, which was an early ignition electrical source.  His design was a key component which provided the spark to ignite the fuel in almost all internal combustion engines.  His company, though almost a hierarchy of various sub ownerships gave him a full monopoly of his organization, which also added in keeping him the center of all electrical parts for many industrial consumer products.

Industrialists such as Robert Bosch has so much power and so much idealized business savvy, that within very few numbers of years became about as wealthy as they come.  Without any doubt his early inventions caught the eye of the inventors of Porsche, not to mention, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, and so many others.

So even today, in your Porsche, Bosch products will be also incorporated into the Mahle Pistons or the electrical security systems.   ABS brakes, testing devices and just about every single engine management system and smog controllers are mostly Bosch.   Basic to complex, there needs to be strong admiration for a guy to enhance an even more enhancing automobile.

1886 Opening of Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart on 15 November
1887 First low-voltage magneto from Bosch for stationary petrol engines
1897 First low-voltage magneto ignition for motor vehicle internal combustion engines
1901 First plant in Stuttgart
1902 First commercially viable high-voltage spark plug
1906 Production of 100,000th magneto ignition
1906 Introduction of eight-hour working day
1910 Opening of plant in Stuttgart-Feuerbach
1913 Start of production of headlights
1918 American assets seized; later become American Bosch Magneto
1926 Start of production of windscreen wipers
1927 First diesel fuel injection pump
1929 First TV Set from Fernseh AG division
1932 Formation of Junkers & Co.
1932 First power drill from Bosch
1932 First Blaupunkt car audio
1936 First diesel fuel injection pump for passenger cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz 260D
1939-45 Employs forced laborers during World War II
1942 Death of the company founder Robert Bosch on 12 March
1962 Worcester Bosch Group opens in England
1964 Robert Bosch Foundation
1970 Company headquarter moves to Gerlingen
1976 First oxygen sensors
1982 Company acquires photographic equipment division from Braun AG
1986 Traction control system (TCS) on the market
1995 Acquisition of Atco-Qualcast Ltd[11]
1995 First Electronic Stability Control – Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)
1997 Common rail diesel fuel injection
2000 DI-Motronic gasoline direct injection system
2000 Acquisition of Rexroth
2003 Acquisition of Buderus AG
2003 Digital car radio with MP3 drive and digital recorder (Blaupunkt)
2003 The formation of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and acquisition of S-B Power Tool Corporation and Vermont American Corporation including the brand names for Bosch Power Tools, Skil Power Tools, Dremel, Vermont-American, Primark brands, and Gilmours[12]
2004 Third-generation common rail diesel injection for cars, with piezo injectors
2004 Bosch opens new Technology Center in Abstatt
2006 Bosch acquires Telex Communications, a maker of hearing aids, headsets and audio equipment, and partners with Daewoo to build Bosch refrigerators in Mexico
2007 The Bosch Communications Systems business unit is created to manage the brands and products of former Telex Communications
2007 Bosch acquires Health Hero Network
2008 Tata Nano, the $2,500 People’s Car powered by Bosch-designed engine is unveiled at Auto Expo in New Delhi. Bosch plans to acquire majority stake in Ersol photovoltaics.
2009 Bosch acquires LR Nelson, a maker of lawn and garden products, including ponds, and merges the Gilmours and Nelson brands into Bosch – Garden and Watering.[13] 



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      • Dear Canabis

        It is just important to know what goes inside the car as much as outside the car. This balance is what automotive arts is all about, while we all get to be part of this living history. You are very welcome for the article.

        Tito Young (writer and blogger of this page)

        A. Bauer Porsche Repair in Oakland, California

  1. Indien u ooit “Monopolie” hebt gespeeld, zult u beter begrijpen over hoe Bosch zaken werkten. Het werd door een man, op het heel hoogste gecontroleerd, zonder partners te hebben. Deze man voorkwam concurrentie omdat hij zijn patenten heeft niet verhuurd gestaan toe door iemand anders gedeeld te worden dan zichzelf. Hij bevorderde zich ook voorzichtig eerst naar iedereen van de belangrijkste productiezaken die zijn product hadden nodig. Deze enkele actie van zelfpromotie voorkwam tocht weg van marktaandeel.

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