How will Porsche comes up with future car colors?

Have you ever wondered how Porsche or basically any car company comes up with new car colors?   I did wonder and I believe after a bit of research, I now have an idea.    If you take a quick look at Porsche Color Charts through the ages, you find color swathes of many kinds.  In some years colors tend to relate to fashion of the era, on other years colors will find ways ways to political correctness.

One can get the color swatches, when interested in acquiring any new cars at dealerships.  Certain swatches would be related to particular car and its model of car, with the paint used on cars itself carefully painted on paper stock.  Edges are sharp and the paint, well…its the real thing.

The cards contain all available interior and exterior colors with various textures.  The are generally inserts into a dealership brochure and itself given a part number, like all part numbers to cars.  Organized and laid out in with the name of the color having a representative of paint.  The more interesting thing is you can see that there is a strong level of design having the colors complimenting each other.   The color name will also be shown in the car brochure so you can see the color or the car with the name (factory color numbers) on that model car.    Sometimes paint colors were special order or of limited edition.   Future buyers would pay extra for those above and beyond colors.  Almost always, standard colors offered year after year was silver, white, black, red, blue, gray and a couple others.

Coordinated, textures, proportionally sized from each other, seemingly current to the day and age, having a good look for the car.  Flat, gloss, or just black or white, the colors represent a certain feeling.  The truth is that maybe you could even show up to Porsche and have them match colors to your favorite pair of shoes, hat, pet, or just about anything you ask. 


In 1969 Porsche had noticed that there was a significant need to make sure the colors would hold up to wear and tear.  They had noticed that natural elements could vary greatly on how the paint might be applied on curves and edges to the car.  The new building specifically used to robotics to do a cathodic dip for painting and under body protection.  This one action highly improved corrosion protection plus allowed them to paint around 140 car bodies a day.  There was also strong need for Germany‘s strict pressing EPA regulations.   Porsche’s new building allowed better ways to prevent air pollution by restricting solvent emissions.   Restriction of the solvent emissions was part of an exhaust air decontamination system in the new building.   Through the many years since then, the paint shops improved more so which then offered even better protection to the car bodies with a better array of painting.

The stock colors came from corporate decision developed by the Porsche Design Team was first located near the Stuttgart assembly shop in 1972.  It was grandson of the inventor, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who then moved the and renamed the place “The Porsche Design Studio“.   Of course it is this same studio that produced an array of industrial and consumer products.   Who better would be responsible in selecting the stock colors to go on the 911?

I mean, who decides and why?    Why only have those numbers of stock colors and are the numbers of cars painted equally.     There are even arguments of colors for gender, class, type of person, impression, visibility, advertisement and so much more.   In some cases certain colors might be related.

Porsche comes up with stock colors many ways.  Corporate decision through process elimination finalizes which color are for whatever car.    It’s probably a corporate secret where the real color swatch comes from but it would be curious where maybe decisions of future colors might come from.   One might think that something much right might be where the colors could be derived from.   For example, that one particular shade of blond, could it come from Donald Trump‘s toupee? Which then gets blended a color of a Porsche.

I mean heck, he is such a significant and brilliant business man, plus the fact he might want to run for President.  Maybe all of us future Billionaire wannabe’s would consider that option.  I think you get the idea and in 2014 be able to have your very own special Porsche painted “Trump”.    I want, however to bring you more than just some real appreciation of getting Porsche to notice your suggestion for a new color other interesting suggestions?   How about the color from the Facebook logo?  We all know the Facebook logo, that undeniable blue that flashes on television ads and we see slung about? Feel free if you should want to take advantage of joining our esteemed Facebook page thanks to… Facebook.  We’re there.. look for us.   Still… the best is to come.  Colors bring emotion, and emotion brings a certain eternal feel that is very deep-rooted into us.  We want to feel either part of nature or part of change.  We have the irony that goes far beyond “what color i like” but something like.. “what color lets me know who i am and who I am not”.


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