A Modern Concours

One of grandest things Porsche owners have is this affection for cars.   We drive, we care for them, we even brag about them.   But imagine a scenario where the car’s looks, age, originality and other selected criteria, over performance becomes the competition?
A Concours is that very kind of competition, and it has certain qualities that allows the car to be selected above the others.  With a developed criteria it can be the bases of many factors that result in a winner.   Measured levels of modifications, rarity, looks, originality, survivability, restoration, cost, uniqueness and expense all become carefully assessed, measured and analyzed to determine who is on top.
The most famous of  usage of Concours, has to be the infamous “Concours d’Elegance“.  As a way to flutter one’s feathers. it first appeared in a 17th century French aristocratic display of equestrian sport.  Held on a large grassy field complete with grandstands, exotic horse stables it consisted of like minded horse owners, steeple chase runners, coach drivers, coach technicians, horse vendors and even military horsemanship exercises.  It would be held yearly being a show for the best outdoing the previous years best in display, poise, and presentation. There would be an expectation of the highest level of honor and expertise.  Grooming for both the rider and horse would need to go beyond the normal to be a trophy winner.  Those that entered were regional winners that consisted of farmers, ranch hands, hobbyist and soldiers.  In the case of the above photograph, the competitor, Major Richard Waygood was “Riding Master” for the British regiment known as the “Household Cavalry”.  So excellent was his riding and presentation, he was selected to be the one that escorted the Prince of Wales wedding procession.  He also had numerous duties for the Queen’s Life Guard on Whitehall.    Needless to say, competitors like him would gain full recognition on awards in stiff competition in showing excellence for the Chef d’Equipe to the British Concours International Combiné (CIC).    Event like such, would draw competitors from all over Europe to enter for vast prizes and recognition with either an invitation and registration.  In some cases fees for entry would be established and other similar requirements.
In today’s equivalent, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance offers an equivalent level of excellence.   With over 50 years of history, it seldom fails to be impressive.   Rules of entry require extensive committee review, including car’s ownership history, history and of course rarity.   Cars from all over the world are shipped and prepped for this yearly event.   Fees to enter can run into the hundreds.    On Sunday, August 21, 2011 the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will feature the following marques.
• Mercedes-Benz and 125 years of the Automobile
• Stutz Centennial
• Ferrari 250 GTO
• Edwardian Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts
• Italian Motorcycles
  • EU Concours: Concours or EU concours is a recruitment competition and examination to select staff to all institutions of the European Union .
  • Kawasaki Concours: The Kawasaki Concours, known as the GTR1000 in some markets, is a 1,000 cc sport touring motorcycle manufactured between 1986 and 2006 by
  • Scarsdale Concours d’Elegance: The Scarsdale Concours (d’Elegance) is an annual Concours d’Elegance (competitive auto show ) that takes place in the center of the Town ..

For over 20 years, automotive events at the Hurlingham Club in London, (better known as the Louis Vitton Concourse d’Elegance) sported the official “Concours d’Elegance” name.  Similar Concours d’Elegance include Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance, and Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.  A nice drive to our southern part of our state, the annual Dana Point Concours d’Elegance is a fantastic show, so good, it competes in popularity with the Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance.  The two events challenge with each other to possibly be considered as being called the “Pebble Beach of the South.”

Holding such events are require enormous levels of planning.  Crowds need to corralled, judges need a place to provide notes, entrants need to know where to park.    Expectations on traditional vehicle judging demands reviewing each and every automobile thoroughly.   They place on a scale every possible expectations for every panel, trim and even the interior materials.    In many cases if you were just able to bring in a brand new 50 year old car, you may not just automatically win.   Your car has to be far better than when it was new, to be expected to be eligible for trophy classes.

If the car has been in any kind of restoration its level needs to a far better candidate than simply ‘mint’ condition.  The expectations is if that kind of car had been restored, the standard would again far exceed delivery from factory.  If you go to events and hear the nightmares for reasons of losing, they often are due to concluded assessments of “wrong type of bolt”, dry wax visible in the undercarriage, mismatching window cranks, or missing fuel cover.  Automatic disqualifications include non factory modifications, non suitable components with wrong year and or wrong model.  A common fault have incorrect factory trim that don’t belong on the car.   Aftermarket products are commonly not allowed, which then also fails some owners from obtaining any prestigious trophies.

In terms of classic cars competitions, originality would then be factored into a test.  Everything about the car has to be original and factory correct with matching engine numbers and transmission.  Having the flawless visual examples is the only way to get the highest scores.   Overall mileage on such cars rarely exceed 50,000, and don’t appear as if they have been driven in at all.   All components have to fit as designed and must be correct to the trim and year.  More often than not, cars of this caliber come in by trailer and barely driven.     Its not uncommon to see the values of these kinds of cars to exceed the million dollar range.  To assure the up most visual result from these cars, they are never driven, but must be able to be run.    Having perfect tire treads, a full tank of gas ( to check if gauge operations work and then emptied after the show), oil and level readings (also prepared for storage), electrical wiring in perfect condition is crucial for winning cars.

Often Concours d’Elegance quality automobiles are not driven, except for short distances from their trailers to the show fields. They are not intended to be used as daily drivers and often, are not seen outside of museums or private collections. Even after driving only the short distance to the show field, the car is ‘staged’—errant bits of dirt or pebbles removed from the tire treads, bits of grass or mud wiped from the under-carriage. The vehicle is maintained constantly and dusted frequently to keep an absolutely flawless appearance while on display.

For a “Modern Concourse” we really want people to feel a departure from your typical concours.  We have all the traditon, but with all of the modern flare.  No need is it required to have museum pieces trailer to a be judged in a field of aristrocratic proportions.  Instead, the modern concourse is after those that use, and drive the cars.  Trailer Queens are the winners, but rather the uniqueness and fun of ownerships of something special.   To visit the Mogulaier Concours  http://www.mogulaireconcours.com you too can experience such an opportunity.  Feel that your Boxster, 924, a new car, or daily driver can win, and be judged by those that understand excellence is within all of us.   Know too you need not to have a pedigree background that worked for the Queen or that you own a $12.000,000 car.   All in all..this helps us be better people.

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