Porsche and front license plate?

Here in California, having front plates is a requirement.  The surest way to get a ticket is having a parking meter run out of time or parking in a public parking lot or that you are pulled over for some unrelated infraction, such as texting or tailgating.    We all have to admit that front plates are pretty ugly on any car, let alone Porsche, worse the classic or specialty Porsche.     The tickets are annoying, being revenue generating, but while against the law, a police office is not likely to pull you over, as they go for better fish to fry, they will give that job to meter maids.

I was in discussion about someone that had a 993 styled Porsche and that person was kind of confused.

“The holes on the bumper to too wide to attach my plate”

“They are for European plates that are wider than US version”

“So I can’t attach plates?”

“Well.. yes.. you just need a ‘license plate bracket’ that screws into those holes and then your plate attaches to the bracket”

He was kind of startled at the remark, feeling a bit miffed.

“I don’t want front plates on my car, they look like $?!#, especially the cheap a$$ Calif plate they make now”.

In his regards to his remark, I totally agree.  Besides… the main problem is that front plates do nothing to improve the look of the car, they set you up to be able to be identified for an intersection ticket by a red-light camera.    The economics of such a ticket, just $25 per infraction, will require fourteen meter maid tickets to equal one red light ticket $360.

However..if you do succumb to the dark side, my suggestion is maybe finding decent looking brackets.  I looked at a few and they weren’t really that bad.  I would think that maybe it might give a better option to have more direct cold air getting to the radiator or cooler / depending.

I suppose too it kind of looks a but snarky, in a protest of a heavier need to follow the law.  🙂


3 responses to “Porsche and front license plate?

  1. Chris,

    Great post. My car came with no front plate bracket so I need to order one. I looked into it, and is it true that on the 1964-1989 911, the OEM license plate bracket for the rear is the same as the one for the front?

    • Marvin,

      After writing this post and looking at several license plate covers on 911 cars it depends on where your car originated. The US standard for pre 89 offers the standard front and rear, closer to each other. The Euro, have that wider plate shape with holes more separated. After 89, you will notice that US specs will have Euro fronts and US backs. If you car is Euro market, it will only have Euro Fronts and Backs.

      What you do then is get the Euro to US bracket with he hole spacing.


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