Driving Shoes – For the Porsche?

Is it not enough to own a Porsche to then have special shoes to drive with them?    The fact is that your feet can get pretty tired if you are now wearing the right footwear.

It is highly recommended to use driving shoes when driving your car.   Driving shoes best purpose is offering way that relaxes the heel and gives more support to the ball of your foot, when pressing pedals.    Both the manual transmission users and the automatic transmission users will benefit from this use.   These shoes are specifically shaped to the foot offering support in the right place.  Consider too that your foot would protected, minimizing pain from hard pedaling and excessive road vibrations.  You could also better exercise the infamous heel-toe technique by not wearing clunky shoes or support free soft sole shoes.

Vintage driving shoes were quite different than what we see today, and so interesting they were.  They did have an interesting concept because as one would imagine, angling the heel portions in making it rest on the floorboard.  The driving shoe of those days made it next to impossible to wear them normally.   That alone posed an interesting problem for shoe wear.   The heel portion of the early driving show had an exaggerated rounded heal which was an ingenious solution to make it where heels could lay flat.   Even a pair of regular VANS SKATE shoes wouldn’t exactly work, because there wasn’t any allowances for how the foot rests against the floorboard.

Even in the vintage days that was addressed by somehow filling in the space between the heel and ball of your foot.   This in turn takes all the press off of your heel and focus it on the ball of your foot.

It does take a bit of visualization to then understand what the pedals then do.  

In any Porsche you will at least find two pedals for automatic and three for any stick shift.  There are some of you that would have installed something called the “Dead Pedal” which is basically a rest spot for your left foot when you are careening down long freeways in fifth gear without much need to use the clutch.   You will notice too that both the clutch and brake pedal if a few inches off the floorboard.  As for the gas pedal (and the dead pedal, if you have one) lays directly on the floorboard.  This by itself introduces the issue of foot fatigue.

In the right foot.. the heel will get a bit tired and on the left foot, you might notice you get tired both on the ball of the foot (shifting and braking) plus the heel, because it is resting too long.

Driving Shoes help alleviate all of that, plus it is actually recommended by Porsche manufacturing to use them.   Didn’t know that? eh?

There are quite a number of different drive shoe companies out there.  The are available for both women and men, plus they they come in high tops and low tops.  Some are fire resistant, others offer breath-ability.   For those that are style conscience, they come in many materials, colors, and of course tie or slip on.   Though maybe not recommended for long hikes, they are perfect to get out, during your Shell, BP, Chevron, Gulf or that Exxon Station pit stop.

If you look carefully, something in common in current driving shoes have something in common with the past.  The rounded heel, breathing holes, stiff ball of foot area, toe protection, lower arch support, pull on tags, interesting shape and colors.  There is often suede and leather plus a soft thick tread pattern on the underside of the shoe.

Piloti shoe have an interesting product quote I find useful.

“Piloti is Italian for “racing drivers”. No truer expression could be found for “Kevin’s” (designer) shoes. Using his background in biomechanics and design, he created a shoe that uses an exclusive, patented Roll Control™ heel technology, Nomex® fire-resistant lining, reinforced heel-&-toe areas, tough double row stitching, and an outer sole reminiscent of the racing tread pattern used in the 50’s.”

There are many, many other attempts for driving shoes as well.  To name a few of the more famous brands one only needs to have had a chance to learn of each one by one.   This is a list of many other brands that also offer quality driving shoes.


Minnatonka Moc, Steve Madden Dime, Steve Madden Novo, Bison Driving Moc, Micheal Toshi Mach, Lacosta Futur M3, Adidas ‘Adi Racer Lo’, Ralph Lauren Harold Tassel Driver, Infants Primigi Brad, Born Kibury Moccasin, Timberland City Adventure, ECCO fusion II Slip On, Allen-Edmonds Sandlot, Micheal Kors Womens MK Plate Driver, Paul Fredrick Suede Moc, Bruno Magli “Gevoro” Driving, Geox Black Fast Moc, Puma Future Cat Remix SF, Piloti Prototipo, Sebago Limerock Drivers, Allen-Edmonds “Winthrop”, Hampton Driving, Pumo Future Cat Remix, Paul Fredrick Driving Moc, Sperry Top-Sider Navigator, Men’s A2Z Racer Gear Monza, Alden Genuine Camp Moc.

It might be interesting to know that Adidas Porsche Design S2 is about the only shoe out there that Porsche allows its name to be sewn on the side.  They too offer a stylish shoe but only offer that one look.

Piloti are a favorite of those that SCCA or similar sports car  uses.

So put them on and use your car!


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