Was the Porsche 924 really the “Entry man’s Porsche”?

Many exotic car companies would create an “entry” model for a car.  Ferrari developed the 308, Alfa Romeo created the 124,  BMW invented the 3 series, and Jaguar promoted the  XE.  All were intended to be a Sports car for the masses.   It was important that these exotic cars manufactures not only sized up these entry level models for sales, among many other reasons they did it to ascertain sales numbers.   In order to understand what an entry model might be, there had to be some understand what the full on model was.   Even today, you could walk into a Porsche Dealership and special order a full highest horsepower, best performance automobile at ten times the cost of their entry-level models.

The Porsche 924 was one of those models.   It was the Boxster of their day, the cheapest smallest entry available at less cost than the 928 or 944.  You could not buy it with many upgrades but you could get it in a wide selection of color and interiors. 

The engine was an in-line four cylinder water cooled 2.0 cc that could crank out a respectable 125 horsepower.   It used McPherson struts front and back and disc brakes al around.  Porsche was able to produce between 1976 – 1985 exactly 150,951 of them.   Made for the masses and initially suppose to be more Audi than Porsche.   The car gave an exceptional tight grip, wonderful forgiving balance all in a rather noisy and rough ride.    This successful automobile was well loved by the masses, especially when there was an option for a turbo package that gave it a whopping 140 hp.    There was even a few models that got the 924 Carrera GT designation which was even more powerful (210hp/150mph) all complete with extra pumped transmission, brakes, and suspension.    When Porsche had developed the 944 Turbo with a base model that produced  220 hp and could fly well over 160mph, the 924 production levels ended and the car is what it is today.


So don’t forget that at times, an entry man’s Porsche may not exactly be as entry man as expected.


2 responses to “Was the Porsche 924 really the “Entry man’s Porsche”?

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    • Thank you for the link. The Porsche 924 had a conjunction with Audi’s 2.0 engine. That whole era had a such the best in the love affair with automotive history. If you happen to a Porsche 924, please by all means, keep them in the best restored state you can. Talk to your Audi or Porsche Mechanic and or .. body shop for parts replacements/swaps while they are still available.

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