Porsche Fashion for the masses

I always have a couple of thoughts about making a fashion statement regarding any Porsche.

The black and white image, of a lanky sophisticated blond, wearing dark black sunglasses driving a open top Porsche 356. She might also be draped over with a headscarf to protect herself from sun and blowing wind. So cliche’ is this image, one can practically describe the image as a theme, and 9 out of 10 times you get the imagery.

So what does one where when driving a Porsche. Obviously, the most important thing is to be comfortable. If you have a blue Porsche, you might not want to wear clashing clothing colors.

You may however want to compliment your car to yourself.. as if you are part of the car and the car is part of you.

I think Steve McQueen had it right wearing a suede jacket and that kind of keen look about him. Of course … we need to keep in mind that this is 1973 and that turtle necks and rough haircuts were kind of in, but he had it right, especially in a time where fashion was confusing with generational issues. There is a dictated casual look about what he is wearing that is as if he dresses his car. Even in race car attire, he has this kind of casual look about him that interweaves his look as well.

I find it fascinating that without that lanky fashion model about, there is an obvious race car driver fashion connection to a Porsche rather than being dropped off by a valet at the local opera. It just seems to me that the female fashion of Porsche is about high fashion treated in terms of social status, while differently interpretation as a racing or driving comforts. We all know that Porsche trunk space isn’t something to brag about. Therefore this subject can even be further defined and eventually cliched that in regards to men and women, there is a long deep rooted line.

Take even another example where the Porsche sunglasses with that tear drop Ray-Ban look and the medium intensity brown lens be worn over longer hair and warm casual clothing.

Could there be a practicality or is this fashion purely an essence of divine reflection a portrait of a significantly established look? If you think about it, I cannot think of any other car manufacturer that so strongly defines such a unique emotion. I could say that Ferrari, Honda, Corvette or Jaguar might have items they sell, but there lacks a true fashion of the human and the car. It is as if other manufactures purposely segregate that car from that person. Sport fashion wear, with other car manufactures lacks a certain viable uniqueness relating the driver to the automobile. For some very interesting reason, Porsche capitalizes on bringing that driver, passengers to be part of the car.

Porsche does much more than just the production of slapping a branded name on to any item. There is a very strong sense that these marketing items evoke a flare. You could draw a very strong reference to “Black”, “with bright orange or red accents”, “razor sharp edges”, “precision defined units and patterns” and lastly a unique feel of being lightweight. Ever noticed? Even with the sunglasses, as if the rim resembled a race track, just as the number on watch gives that feel of becoming related to speed. The gloves, with the racing holes, or the scarf with the checkered flag all strongly resembles speed vision. When it comes down to it, it is as if the driver is a reflection of his style of driving which is style of personality. So carefully calculated is this look, there is this genetic look about it the message of speed, its accuracy, its need.

My favorite of all time cliches’ has to be the car body itself. Since essentially all car’s are really an assembly of nuts and bolts, its that 911 car body like the glove, the watch, the sunglasses, all finding special lines that reflects an unforgettable message to the human.

Now a days, visits to the dealership will continue offering new car owners more gloves, scarves and sunglasses. You can walk in and buy the watch or for that matter a scale model of your car. Either way, each and every items is about a design concept, related to a manufacturer, that you can feel.


5 responses to “Porsche Fashion for the masses

    • As poor Japan tries very hard to get itself out of this fishbowl media nightmare, hopefully the people understand know they have not been forgotten. In terms of theme I wonder how many Porsche owners have been affected. May this terrific trauma come to an end soon.

  1. What a great looking website you guys have. Great job guys. Mixing the old with the new. Who ever designed this definitely know there stuff..

    • Everything old and new has a following, a cult as it may be said. The thing we all must remember is that we learn from our past, and take them and reapply them into the future. What I find most remarkable is that when saying, getting to drive a 1967 Porsche 911 around, that the experience is so fantastic, its hard to ignore. Everything from approaching the car afar, then stepping in, starting it up, taking it for a drive, shutting it down and walking away is an integral part of an experience. The subjective concept is also reflected in saying, driving a 2009 Boxster, and getting that same experience. However…this experience is not nearly as noticeable or memorable as getting a taxi ride. Maybe this is what the designers own experience must have objective as a key reason in owning one.

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