Porsche 2011 and beyond

Maybe you own your very own television studio or that your stock Silicon Investments are worth cashing out.  In this scenario you find yourself in the market for a brand new Porsche.   Going to home page of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG website and only selecting America as my home base, I found there are 5 models to choose from and in those 39 variations of those five models.   I found it interesting to notice that it was the 911 that offer most variants.

From any of the variants you can select up to different 16 colors and up to different 7 wheels.     Then you can pick up up to 12 different kinds of front seats, and with that up to 15 different material colors, and around 180 different “options”.   Staggering…huh?   I have to admit I kind of lost count.

So as you might decide to buy a new Porsche, go ahead and load up the options.  Heck… you never quite know when you might need that all important, “roof transport system” or the “Aerokit Cup”.    Either way, I would have to admit they are quite the best in options.

If you then mix the possible options offer in other countries outside the United States such as Canada, Mexico, China, the overall numbers of combination are staggering.   Other than someone getting the bare bone option, it might very well mean very few numbers of cars, if any, would be 100% identical.    One thing for sure, is that your car is very much individualized and the chance you might see one just like yours will be far and in between.





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