Tire change for your Porsche at a local gas station?

I wondered myself what could go wrong in driving your car to a local gas station for a tire change?  Take it from me, as it can potentially lead to other suspected problems.   There was this Boxster that went in for some simple tire change.  However upon jacking the car up, they cracked a vacuum booster connector line running under the length of the car.   Fixing the tire then resulted in an expensive and potentially dangerous lesson in having no front brakes when applying brake pressure.

So.. how to avoid costly mistakes?  One cannot assume that something so obvious with jacking up your car taken for granted.  So, if you haven’t already, please learn where are the all places and WAYS to jacked up.  Be able to point it out accurately safe places to jack your car up to a mechanic if you choose to know nothing else.  No matter which Porsche you may own.. the jack points are almost always either a ridge joint or a flat metal horizontal plate in front of the rear tires and behind the front tire.  Do not ever attempt jacking your car without looking under first.  Upon determining where your pinch point will be, keep in mind to avoid hoses, oil lines, cover panels, brake lines, hose lines, and anything not resembling a flat plat plate or ridge line.




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