Sports Rally Information

As part of a rather interesting autosport, Europeans LOVE rally drives. They organize it, and make it a yearly event. What is most interesting, is that anyone can be part of it, safely and get to enjoy some scenic back roads. Since Rally groups come at all levels, from full Sponsored Pro Involvement closed course racing, to amateur “get together” for a friendly relaxing public backroad caravan to a park and picnic. Here we show skills in car waxing.

Professional rally groups run an event with a closed course. The cars has been completely modified in power and safety, and drivers are protected from high speed crashes. Teams of entries generally have more than than one car and would have a way to maintain cars that have issues. This would be an event that challenges course times while pitting the skills of one driver over another. Famous drivers and cars will be in the course, as so will media coverage. The closed course rally can cover a full day of racing or more.

There are rally types that are just as professional, but its more of a tour. These kinds of drives do not allow passing unless cleared by the driver in front. They can consist of many kinds of cars, either by size or number of occupants. Some can be organized by manufacturers, vintage, historical or simply by type of car. They could run an entire week, cover over a thousand of back road miles and meet at stately hotels for rest preparing for the next day. Racing is not allowed.

Amateur rally types, organized through enthusiast car clubs, use club membership to sign waivers and cover technical insurance issues. Generally they offer touring drives to small towns parking together and displaying a common theme of automobiles but also of life long friends. Racing is not allowed and any display of racing will likely get your removed from the club.

World Rally Information is organized on this web page: click me here

Things to keep in mind will be sign-up dates, event location, entry fees, track fees, driver requirements, car and driver insurance, car requirements, local event discounts, related events. If you have never done this before, try taking a DE course on how to manage your car.


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