Custom Treatments for the Porsche 911

In 1967 Porsche enthusiast modified the Porsche 911. It had what was considered at the time, very large 6″ wheels in the front and 7″ in the rear. The 911 were then called “R” or Racing designation complete with upgraded engines, suspension, interiors and even lightweight, tough plastic rear quarter window, side window, lens cover and windshield inserts by Mukilteo Motorsports (now called Spektr Products –

The 1967 Porsche 911R was the favorite of modified race cars. Noticing various modifications also included tail lights, head lights, bumper, hood latches, instrumentation panels, seats and even pedals. The car sounded throater and was tuned to run best with the foot on the floor. These conversion were performed by factory as a 1 of 20. Built by Karl Baur coachworks of Stuttgart, there were some very well known celebrities that had them ordered. Zipper Porsche of Beverly Hills had special ordered one to a Woolworth’s heir and Scarab car driver Lance Reventlow. Painted a special “Scarab Team” blue color, Reventlow never even took ownership of it and during delivery it eventually ended up crossing a few hands to only end up as a street use car only.

That was the thing about these cars. They were special order with special treatments and for quite of bit of cash. Other famous people such as the Arab owner of TAG (Porsche engine builder), Mansour Ojjeh ended up with very interesting attachments such as having 935 running boards, 935 rear wing and rear fenders.

Mansour Ojjeh's Porsche 911 with 935 attachments.

His car had all the treatments and quite attractive. This car would definitely be hard to miss cornering around neighborhoods.

Some of these people basically would purchase, though something known as “Special Wishes Program” a brand new 911 in those years, and then have all the panels reworked inside and out with such companies as Design Plastics (DP). In 1979, such collaborations with tuners such as Kremers would turbo package a 911 and turn it into a 935. So much adoration to potential in change body shapes, the infamous “slant nose” was born. Some of these shapes would also have alteration to how the wing on the back would look. more often than not these cars would find themselves on

racetrack, but the could also be converted back to a regular 911. Most however, probably stayed with these conversions and the owner just would buy themselves a second car.

John Paul Racing, Werk I, Ekkehard Zimmerman, Stroesek Auto Design Program, Techart, Sports Performance, Exclusive Motorcars Inc., Dave Klym of FABCAR Engineering, Rolf Spreger Customer Service Group, Tom Hessert’s FABCAR, Kevin Jeannette, Gunner Racing, Frank & Partner, Jerry Woods, ProtoTech, TRG, and of course Porsche AG all made special machines with each having different looks.

It wasn’t just big business for coach builders, specialized parts such as North Hollywood Speedometer, Daytron Digital, Performance Air, ANDIAL, PMO, Billy Boat, Cosworth Pistons, Elephant Racing, HKS Turbo Inc., Koni, Sachs, Penske, Eibach Springs each added personality and performance. Customers would work endless hours to have built the perfect car with the perfect setup.


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