Auto Union – A look at the original designers who developed Porsche

Auto Union – the designers

Merging four automakers in 1932 Auto Union to gain financial advantages in a trickling recovery of financial woes.     The inline 4, 6, 8, and 12 cylinder fallen out “Audi” member August Horsch, the Danish steam equipment business “DKW,” the V8/V12 “Horch”, and luxurious builder of 4 and 6 cylinder engines “Wanderer” joined forces.   Entering various races to gain noteworthy branding as Auto Union these cars had some very notable people.  They used eighteen drivers and over a period of a few years were able to place some respectable track times through most of the next two and a half decades.

The original designers for Auto Union was Von Eberhorst, Porsche, Siebler and Strobel.   It was a birth of what continues auto development to be quintessential examples of excellence that we see today.

Professor Dr. Robert Eberan von Eberhorst (b1902-d1982) Austrian engineer, main designer of the Auto Union Type D Grand Prix racing car.   He wrote and invented critical aspects of auto handling, physical mechanics and handling used pretty much in every car today.

Dr. Ferdinand Anto Ernst Porsche (b1909-d1998) was also an Austrian designer that operated Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany.   Both he and his father and nephew Dr. Ferdinand Piech (chairman of VW) were all involved in various aspects of many cars in that era.

Both Siebler and Strobel integrated backgrounds in fine tuning race cars and passengers car for various uses during those Auto Union years.  Everything from fine tune body panels, exhaust, shocks, steering, cooling, wind deflection, and more was review by these two men.  They took the concept and help get the projects built.  Should there have been any better help for a team, these brave people, the test drivers and the main conceptual creators created the birth of Porsche today.


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