Waiting for your Porsche to return from the shop

Undoubtedly, you have experienced leaving your Porsche at the shop.   I happened to notice that there is two completely different aspects of this situation.  I am not talking about that oil change or getting some new shocks installed.  Instead, I am referring to that nerve-racking feeling you happily cranking along at 60 miles per hour in a 911 in fifth gear and you are coming on to a curve thinking you are downshift to fourth.  Upon doing so, thinking you will get a clean downshift, instead… you feel this tremendous pull and then glance at the tachometer popping clear up into 7000rpm range, your engine winds real high and your new speed in a short second is 25 mph.

Known as the cardinal sin of Porsche driving this experience is known in mechanic shops as “Float Valves”.   In short a short story, floating valves means the possibility of a bent valve and or a cracked piston.   To make even a long story short, the engine needs to come out, then the heads need removed and replace the bent valve, if not the pistons and cylinders.   Needless to say, this in a Porsche repair manual about as a 41 hour job.  Not only you’ll have to endure waiting for the whole slew of inspections, long part lists to arrive, you’ll probably have to cash in some of Junior’s college fund at the local bank branch, the car will need schedules  placed on a rack and get it repairs.    God forbid should you ever run dry of oil, because then you are likely needing to find new engine.

So what do you do?  Hopefully at very least you have a secondary form of transportation.   But still.. where does one go to get that daily Porsche fix.  You could scour the net under Porsche, Racing, Parts to maybe upgrade that horrid mistake, even your remaining friends at your local PCA friends.   You could as well drop into any local magazine store and browse and by various enthusiast magazines or even rent that Steve McQueen flick “Le Mans” and watch in French.     Either way, you are not driving your car… and not soon.

As the week passes by, and maybe a few words from your shop of the impending costs for a rebuild, they throw in much-needed overlooked maintenance that maybe would be cost-effective to upgrade the car.    It is then your best assessment that you go through many sweaty sleepless nights tossing and turning dreaming of Porsche emblems, spinning Fuchs, and loud pipes.    Even the days where you are taking your second car out for a Sunday drive you’re having to kick yourself thinking about how you took that same curve and shifted perfectly.  Why, why, why did I not shift that correctly?   It’s a nightmare I tell you!

The first month passes by and your having to decide what to do with other aspects such as insurance and tabs.  Your shop is either waiting for you or you are waiting for them.  The next few days you get a secondary call that your car will be finished in a month. Timing is everything as you then come back to the shop, you see your old friend, waiting for you to fill her up and take her for yet, more curves.

Happy Downshifting.

Tito Young


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